Zip line


Zip line: feel an adrenaline rush sliding down a steel cable stretched over a canyon, safely sitting in a harness. Views of mountain peaks, rivers and canyons is amazing. The longest zipline in Croatia has 8 cables of 1.6 miles in total, with speed reaching up to 45mph. We’ll provide short training on the spot, experienced guides on each end of the wire, a safety harness, helmet and gloves.


You should bring a windproof jacket, sunglasses, sunblock, and alternatively a small backpack with some water and a camera. Suggested areas: Istria & Split countryside.


No previous experience is required from your side. Our professional guides will provide necessary safety training, and show you how to operate the gear provided. The system is of highest industry standards simple to operate and foolproof.


One or several cables are suspended from point A to point B, usually over a canyon or a slope. Our staff will drive you to the closest point possible, and then you walk shortly to a “baby cable” where training is held. If you decide to experience the longest of the cable line systems in Croatia, the site to visit is in the Split city countryside. You may book a private experience, or join a group of 10 persons. In each case you’ll be followed by two guides. One will always go first down the cable to be waiting for each person, and second one will be the last one to go, making sure everyone is harnessed and clipped on to a cable safely. The clip you are attached with to a cable has a hand break built in. You should press the handle to release the break; if you let go of it, it will automatically break again.


This means that you need your hands to operate the break, so you can’t use the camera simultaneously. You may use a helmet, chest or some other mount to attach the action-cam to, keeping your hands free. The guides will tell you at which point you may stop in the middle of the canyon to be able to take photos while being suspended above.


All the safety gear is included: a helmet, a harness and gloves. You may carry a backpack during the ride. The whole experience including the training lasts from 1-4 hours, depending of the site chosen. Zip-line is not operated in a case of strong winds, rain or thunderstorms.