Truffle hunt Istria


Truffle is a mushroom highly praised in gastronomy for its exquisite flavor and distinctive taste. They grow underground in a special environment, yet unlike to potatoes it’s impossible to cultivate them. Therefore, people rely on dog’s highly developed sense of smell to find truffles. It takes a great skill, cooperation and understanding between a dog and his guide to find truffles successfully. Commercial truffle hunt is usually done during the night when there is less distraction for dogs, and cold temperatures sharpen dog’s snout. Truffle hunt presentations are done at any time of the day, still with very high possibility of finding your gem. Istrian forests are abundant with two kinds of truffles: the black truffle which may be found throughout the year, and a white one, his majesty Tuber Magnatum Pico which grows only from September to November.

Duration: 1-3 hours

Truffle hunt experience includes: a knowledgeable guide, a specially trained dog, truffle tasting, truffle produce tasting (sausages & cheese with truffles, truffle oil, truffle pate), hunter’s luck