Tandem paragliding flight


This is why birds sing! Enjoy most amazing of views and a tickle of fresh air on your face! Simple guidelines are obtained before the flight, yet no previous training is required. Our pilots are experienced pilots and licensed flight instructors. Anyone from 8y to 99y can enjoy the flight. It’s possible to take pictures or record videos during the flight. Flights are performed in calm weather conditions only! You should bring sunglasses, a wind-stopper jacket, hiking shoes or sneakers. Recommended areas: Slovenia, Istria, Northern Adriatic, Vis island.


No previous experience is required from your side to enjoy a tandem paragliding flight. Some safety explanations and necessary training will be held on site before the flight. Our pilots will bring all the gear and safety equipment, you should bring a windproof jacket, good sport shoes that are comfortable to walk & run in, a sunblock and sunglasses. It’s possible to bring along simple to use camera or an action-cam.


Paragliding is very dependent on wind & weather conditions. It shouldn’t be too cloudy or foggy, flights are forbidden in low visibility conditions. Most importantly, the wind needs to be of right direction and speed. Therefore, while confirming your booking we can determine a general flight area, but the exact location should be chosen by a pilot on the evening before the flight. Even with all the precise weather forecasts, it’s impossible to guarantee any flights before reaching the starting site. However, our pilots are experienced flying in certain locations knowing its microclimates, so they know what to expect and what alternative starting points are nearby. In practice, we’ll suggest you a region to fly in and we’ll put you in contact with our pilot who will contact you one day before the flight, to determine where your meeting and starting points will be.


Croatia offers many excellent paragliding locations along the Adriatic coast or in the continental parts. After you reach the designated meeting point, our staff will transfer you to the starting point, and after the flight they will transfer you back to your car.


It is difficult to determine the duration of the flight. Once in the air, the pilot can always reduce the time of the flight and head straight to the landing zone. However, the principle of flying is to “catch the thermals”, invisible pockets of warm air which lift the canopy higher in the air. It is the same as seeing a seagull or a hawk circling in the air, slowly gaining altitude. In good conditions, a pilot may easily stay in the air for several hours.


Your role of a co-pilot is quite simple. At the takeoff, you need to make several determined steps whilst the pilot lifts up the canopy. Then you cradle in in a comfortable harness and enjoy the rest of the flight. The pilot can fly the canopy smoothly & gently or sporty & adventurously, according to your preferences. Your hands are free during the flight, so you may operate the camera. The pilot will offer you a chance to hold the steering handles, to feel how the canopy reacts and turns at the gentle pull of each handle. At the landing site the pilot slows down the canopy making a soft touch landing.


There are hardly words to describe the thrill of flying a paraglider, especially each person’s maiden flight. Even people who regularly feel a fright of heights feel confident being suspended from a canopy. This is very different sport from skydiving. With contemporary flight standards and tremendous gear development, the risks are minimized and the joy is overwhelming!