With over 1200 islands, islets & reefs, 1780km (1100miles) of coastline and mild winds Croatia is a true gem of a sailing destination. The main sailing season is late spring (April through June) and early fall (September through October) when the sea is calm, the weather mild and there are fewer crowds. You may sail off from any of 50 marinas, enjoy breathtaking Kornati National park dotted with small islets, discover antique towns, phenomenal wineries, indulge in Mediterranean cuisine, and go to sleep to the sound of waves lapping gently at your boat.


We offer a variety of sailing boats ranging in size from 34 to 60 feet which can accompany 2-12 people on board. Depending on size, our sailing boats have two to five double bed cabins. In our fleet, we have monohull sailing boats and catamarans. Catamarans are larger and offer more room in the main salon, yet the expenses of mooring in marinas or docking in bays usually double.


Depending on your experience and preferences, you may hire a boat with a skipper or a bare boat (without a skipper). All our skippers are experienced and fully licensed to operate and navigate the sailboats. Skipper’s job is to safely maneuver the boats, sail, dock in marinas and ports, transfer passengers to shore with a dinghy, adjust the itinerary according to client’s wishes and current weather conditions, to suggest the restaurants and sights along the route and to provide general information about places to be seen. Skippers don’t operate as cooks or maids on board, though many would be happily offer extra help. No previous experience is required from your side to enjoy sailing, if you hire a skipper.


All boats are self-catered, meaning you need to provide and prepare food yourself. We can recommend a reliable yacht supply provider whom you may directly order food & provisions from, pay to and have the items delivered to your boat on the day of arrival. There are over four thousand items in an online shop to choose from. Not to fear of starving, superb restaurants are to be found on most islands along the frequent sailing routes.


On our premium ships (45-60 feet) we provide hostess service. Hostesses are in charge of daily cabins cleaning and preparing breakfasts and lunches on board. Skipper’s and hostesses’ meals aren’t included in the package price. Generally, what you eat, they’ll eat as well. If you go to a restaurant, you may invite them along; or they’ll gladly turn the other way if you want some privacy.


Sail boats are generally chartered on weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday. They are cleaned and maintained in the morning, so standard boarding time is on Saturday after 3 PM. It is possible (upon prior notice; extra charges may apply) to request an early check-in. For the same maintenance reason, the boat needs to be returned by 8 AM, which practically means you should spend the last night in the port where a boat is to be returned. All boats in our fleet have native marinas where they are chartered from and returned to. In a case you want to return a sailboat in some other marina from its native one, you should provide enough time for a skipper to return the sailboat back to its native port. Therefore, extra charges may apply to one-way sailing routes.


Sailing is inevitably dependent on sea & weather conditions, therefore the sailing route my change from previously suggested itinerary. We charter sailing boats as private boats, meaning there won’t be other people on board except for the skipper or a hostess if you hire them. We offer several daily sailing adventures where you may join in with other travelers as a part of the daily crew. In several itineraries with fixed dates we have shared cabin departures, where you can share a boat with other persons on board.


Sailing is the most immersive and intimate way to discover and enjoy the Adriatic. It is weather dependent, and unfortunately we can’t guarantee good weather conditions. Therefore, our multi-day sailing adventures are non-refundable. Yet with right safety equipment and skillful skippers we provide, any weather can be good sailing weather.