Pelješac peninsula wine tour


With Roman saltpans still being used and oysters farmed in brackish waters of Ston bay, there’s hardly a better invitation to a connoisseur to visit Pelješac peninsula. Yet, medieval walls & ramparts guard one of most important wine regions of Croatia. Steep terrain with white rocky terroir and the reflection from the sea surface feed vineyards with specific triple insolation. Local grapes of Plavac Mali sort produce full bodied, flavorful reds that are high both in alcohol and tannins, sometimes even of robust character. Our host Mario Bartulović who is a wine producer himself, will unravel secrets of Adriatic longest peninsula. Taste fresh out of the sea oysters, visit several vineries with different approach to winemaking from a traditional to a modern one, taste their wines and find a best match to your buds. Cool yourself off in a shade of an old cellar enjoying a fine slow-cooked four course meal.

Duration: approximately 8 hours

Pelješac wine tour includes: transportation, oyster tasting, three vineries visit & wine tasting, a four course slow cooked lunch