Bled with lake, island, castle and mountains in background,Tripod, Slovenia, Europe

Full day private trip

Slovenia is the western neighbor of Croatia and its border is just 15 minutes’ drive from Zagreb. Its capital is Ljubljana, Emona in Roman times, a charming, vibrant and energetic town located on Ljubljanica river. An easy stroll with a local guide will take you to the most interesting points of this university town. Just a short drive north from Ljubljana will take you to the Alpine region and the breathtaking lake of Bled where you’ll take a pletna boat ride to the islet in the middle of the lake. There, in St. Mary’s church, you have to make the bell ring (just) three times for your wish to come true. One of the highlights is Blejski grad, a spectacular castle perched high above the lake, another interesting place included in this very attractive tour.