Cooking class Pag island – love at first bite


4 day cooking class at Wine hotel & restaurant Boškinac

Creative cuisine is the main motive to visit Island of Pag all the year round. More than keeping a memory of a hedonist experience, why not gain a skill of preparing delicious dishes?

Arriving to Pag for a first time it is hard to imagine this rocky, moonlike narrow and elongated island can be Mecca of Croatian gastronomy. But exactly due to harsh conditions a special ecosystem has developed. Only specific aromatic plants rich in etheric oils grow under strong Bura wind and plenty of sea salt it scatters around. Both meat and milk of indigenous island lamb Pramenka is different in taste due to salty aromatic salty plants, resulting in fabulous roasts and World award winning sheep cheeses. Not the entire island is rocky and hostile; North-western side is tamed and green, with one of the oldest Mediterranean olive groves to be found – Lun. Needless to say, top quality olive oils are produced here, as well as superb wines. There are autochthonous grapes to be found as Gegić and Trbljan, as the common varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Syrah.

Day 1, Pag arrival, wine pairing crash course

After sipping a welcome drink at Wine hotel & restaurant Boškinac, accommodate to your rooms and get ready for the first gourmet experience of your stay: a Chef’s five course dinner. Crash course on wine & food pairing is held along as you enjoy the meal. Wine tasting is included.

Day 2, Lun olive grove oil tasting, fishing experience excursion

Visit Lun, one of the oldest Mediterranean olive groves. Learn about local millennia old tradition of olive farming and oil production, try tasting them and taking some for the latter cooking class. First cooking class: a three course lamb dishes preparation, wine is included during the class. Later in the evening join local fisherman on their ship for a true night fishing experience, getting the provisions for the next day’s cooking class. Rain boots & raincoat included.

Day 3, Kolan – Gligora cheese producer & Pag salt pan visit

Tour the island, visit local cheese producer and try his World prize awarded sheep cheese. Being famous for salt production for over thousand years, visit traditional salt pan, learn how salt is farmed and get some fresh salt flakes. We’ll stop on our way to Boškinac Wine hotel to pick aromatic herbs for the meal. Second cooking class: three course fish & sea food dishes preparation.

Day 4, Pag island departure